How to Submit Spam for Investigation and Help MX Guarddog Increase His Bite!

If your domain is protected by MX Guarddog we would love to see any email that gets past our guarddog. By forwarding spam to us for analysis you can help improve our filtering engine, increasing our bite.

Our systems can improve if we can get the original message, please forward spam messages to

But wait...

Forwarding your email to us will destroy the vital information about the email. What you see in your email client is only a part of an email message. Forwarding the message will eliminate the header information that details where the message came from, along with the servers it traveled through before ending up in your inbox.

To ensure we are able to process spam correctly send the message as an attachment, with all headers and original message content.

The method to forward messages as attachments depends on your email client, we have examples available for several email clients. Select your email client and follow the guide to submit spam to us.

Sending as an attachment

Microsoft Outlook / Exchange

Helpful Software

There are a few pieces of software that are avilable to make reporting spam to us very easy.

MS Outlook users will want to check out SpamGrabber. SpamGrabber is also available for Android @ Google play (seems to be discontinued as of June 2018).

If you are a Thunderbird user, be sure to check out the extension HabuL (seems to be discontinued as of 2015).

Submission Tips

  • Do not send HAM (good messages) to this address or it will be processed incorrectly.
  • Send spam as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 hours of receipt. If you only send messages every few days the spam is probably stale, spammers will be using new techniques already.
  • Our spam processor is automated, do not include instructions or comments with your submissions - we will not see them. If you need human assistance please contact MX Guarddog support.

Letting good mail in, keeping bad mail out.

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