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What is a quarantine shadow account?

A quarantine shadow account allows you to combine a number of email addresses for the purpose of viewing the quarantine of multiple accounts from a single account. Each account still maintains their own whitelist but shares a common quarantine.

Lets take a look at why this is useful. Assume your users each receive a quarantine summary one time each day. You have a user by the name of mrjones@example.com, who also receives all incoming email from sales@example.com & refunds@example.com.

With this situation mrjones@example.com will receive three email messages a day with different quarantine reports. Should he decide to monitor the quarantine online he has to login to three different accounts.

By defining sales@example.com and refunds@example.com as a quarantine shadow account of mrjones@example.com he will then receive a single daily quarantine report. The accounts remain separate in all other aspects, but will now share a common quarantine.

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J. MacPherson

We have now deployed mxguarddog for five of our clients and use it on our own exchange server. Out of the box with no configuration it works brilliantly, the quarantine emails are great for the end user.

This system outperforms many commercial spam filters we have sold in the past.

Allan Napier
Engaging IT

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It seems to just get better and better as well. I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the service.

Carson Green

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