Bloqueo de país

The country block is one of our most powerful, yet most underutilized blocklisting feature we offer. MX Guarddog makes it easy to block email originating from any country. Lets take a look at a couple of situations where this powerful blocklisting feature can be used.

Carlos EL Gasfitero

country block Imaginemos a Carlos, él es un plomero trabajando en Ackley, Iowa - una población de sólo 1,589 personas! El toma sus suministros de plomería del siguiente pueblo, su familia vive dentro del estado y el usa un banco local en su pueblo. En esencia él es un tipo local con ninguna exposición internacional. Ya que todo su correo se origina dentro de USA él puede fácilmente bloquear correos de China, India y Zimbawe. Si cualquier correo viene de estos lugares será spam. De hecho, Carlos puede en esencia bloquear todos los países excepto USA y reducir enormemente el riesgo de cualquier spam deslizándose por MX Guarddog hacia su buzón de correo.

Lars The Programmer

Lars is a computer programmer living and working in Berlin Germany, his sister lives in Brazil. His company is very tech savy, serving customers all over Europe. His company often gets emails from major IT companies in the USA and Canada.

Lars is having a major problem with spam originating from African countries, especially spam from Nigeria. Lars can safely block mail from Nigeria and other countries he does not expect any mail from - including Brazil.

But wait, if he blocks mail from Brazil how will his sister be able to reach him via email? Once blocked MX Guarddog will quarantine all mail coming from Brazil. Since Lars communicates regularly with his sister he has added his sister to his personal whitelist. The whitelist always takes priority over any blocklist, including the country blocklist. Lars will safely get email from his sister in Brazil but continue to block any other email originating from Brazil.

¿Qué Hay De Usted?

If your organization has exposure to a limited number of countries you can safely use the country blocklist to place incoming mail from blocklisted countries into quarantine.

All email we stop will be placed into quarantine where you can review, release and whitelist any messages you require.

Accessing Country Blocklisting

All postmasters can access the country blocklist from the blocklisting filters page. You can also jump directly to the country blocklist tab and start selecting any country you don't want to receive mail from.