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What does MX Guarddog do?

MX Guarddog is a Saas (Software as a Service) spam and anti-virus solution for email. The solution is hosted, which means it can be used without purchasing hardware or software which have to be installed and maintained at your site. There is nothing to install on your email server and MX Guarddog will work with virtually all email servers, performance of our email network is monitored 24/7 and upgrades are managed and released automatically.

After a quick registration process, an email administrator for a domain can stop virtually all spam messages before they even reach your server. There are generally no configuration changes required on your email server, and no modification to your internal email operations.

What MX Guarddog does not do...

A number of users find MX Guarddog while using search engines to find a solution to their spam problems. Some of these users are looking for spam protection of their hotmail.com address or email address provided by their ISP.

MX Guarddog does not provide service for individual email addresses, our solution is implemented at a domain wide level. If you do not own your own domain name you cannot use the service.

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