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Who is MX Guarddog?

The Problem

Back in 2004 our organization was dealing with SPAM, lot and lots of SPAM. With only about 50 email accounts on our MS Exchange server, we would receive on average around 300,000 email messages every day of which 99% of it was SPAM. On a bad day we would receive in excess of 1,000,000+ messages which was a lot for our little server to handle!

We had no SPAM or antivirus protection on the server! Why? It simply cost too much, the solutions that integrated well with our existing email infrastructure were out of reach. We could not justify the thousands of dollars necessary to acquire a complete solution that did what we needed.

The Solution

We ended up solving the problem ourselves, by building a SPAM & antivirus solution that worked as well, if not better than the expensive solutions we had previously considered purchasing but simply could not afford.

After a couple of years our SPAM solution was so good, why not market it as a product? A good idea but it just did not seem right, we built the system because of the high costs that prevented us from getting a SPAM solution in the first place and now we are going to charge other small business some crazy high price that they really can't afford?

Everyone who has their own website needs SPAM & antivirus protection, but not everyone has thousands of dollars per year to protect their email system. Someone in our office came up with the idea of exchanging text links for SPAM & antivirus protection.

We place value on links from websites, as it provides us with additional traffic. We felt most small businesses or computer enthusiasts would be willing to exchange a simple link on their website for a service that they need and would normally have to pay for.

MX Guarddog Is Born

We had already built the technology, so it was a simple matter of scaling up the system to support additional domains. In July 2006 MX Guarddog was born! Our messaging system has been online protecting small business owners for several years and the feedback has been great, people simply love it!

Server Hosting

When MX Guarddog was launched as a service, we selected iWeb Technologies (Canada) as our primary data center. We now have several servers at their datacenter and have been quite pleased with their services. We also have servers hosted with Amazon Web Services (USA) and Fusion GOL (Japan) which allows us to offer a distributed network spanning multiple countries and the highest level of uptime possible.

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