Office 365 Junk Folder Fix

squarespace logo If you are hosting your email on Microsoft's Office 365 platform, you may find that they move your incoming email into your junk folder. Follow the directions below to tell Microsoft's anti-spam system that your incoming mail from MX Guarddog is not spam.

Some users have reported our original instructions do not work to solve their problem. We have heard of serveral different methods to disable the 'feature' that moves your mail to the junk folder on Office 365. Below you can find documentation on several methods to solve the Office 365 problem.

Method #1 - Connection Filter

Step #1

  • You need to add MX Guarddog's IP addresses into your IP allow list. Navigate to your your Office 365 Exchange admin center -> protection -> connection filter list.

Step #2

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the preferences for your connection filter.

Step #3

  • Under the connection filtering section, click the + icon to add a new IP address values to your list of allowed IP addresses. You can find the list of IP addresses you need to add on the MX Guarddog IP addresses page, continue to add new IP addresses until you have added all our IP address ranges.

Step #4

  • Once you have added all the IP addresses, click the save button to update your connection filter settings

Setup Complete

Congratuations, email delivered to your Office 365 server from the MX Guarddog network should no longer be directed to your junk folder.

Method #2 - Mail Flow Rule

These instructions were provided by Microsoft directly in January 2019, some users have reported this method worked for them in early 2019.

  • Navigate to Admin Portal
  • Click on Admin Center -> Exchange -> Mail Flow
  • Under Rule Click on Plus to create a New rule
  • Select an option Bypass Spam Filtering
  • Name this as per your choice
  • Select the option in "Apply this rule if…The recipient…domain is…” and specify your domain
  • Scroll down and click on Save

Method #3 - Outlook Options

An MX Guarddog user who could not get Method #1 to work, found a solution that worked for him in October 2018.

Updated 2019/01/25