February 2022 Outage

MX Guarddog has experienced a major system failure, the first in our 16 year history.

Please monitor this page, we will post updates as we gather more information.

Update #3 - Feb 15 @ 9:15am GMT

We are still restoring quarantine data for impacted users. The process is slow as it is more of a merge process than a total restore.

At this point you should be able to view all senders / recipients / subjects of messages going back to about January 15 2022. In some cases you can preview and release the message and in other cases you may not. It depends on the restore process what has become availble. If you spot a message you need but are unble to release it from quarantine we suggest you contact the sender to have it resent - probably faster than waiting for the restore process.

Everyone should have access to all quarantined mail recieved after Feb 14 @ 05:45 GMT (Feb 14 @ 00:45 New York time)

Update #2 - Feb 14 @ 4:15pm GMT

We are currently restoring quarantine summary information from Jan 7 - Jan 13, this is the details like sender, subject, recipient etc. This information does not include the actual message content. We continue to try and recover that data but it is nog looking good at the moment.

If you have any important messages that you can see in quarantine, but not pull up to release you will want to contact the sender and let them know to resend the message.

Update #1 - Feb 14 @ 9am GMT

We are currently working to restore quarantined messages for impacted customers. Data from approx. Jan 15 2022 is online and we continue to restore data from backups. Currently the restore process is working on Feb 2, 2022.

Fresh messages arriving for quarantine are available live, they are not impacted.

Ground Zero! What the heck is going on?!?

At approx. 2022-02-14 03:56 GMT we suffered a system failure with one of our databases which is impacting some customers. The flow of new incoming messages has not been disrupted, however access to messages in quarantine is currently impacted.

Please monitor this page, we will post updates as we gather more information.