What is MX Guarddog SPAM protection?

The MX Guarddog SPAM protection service is used most often by companies who manage their own email servers but either don't have or do not wish to pay for a quality SPAM & antivirus solution. Our service is available to any company, organization or individual who owns their own domain and would like to filter email before it reaches their destination mail server.

How It Works

The Traditional Way

Using a traditional email setup, messages flow directly from the Internet to your mail server. Your mail server accepts the email and delivers it to the proper mailbox.

The traditional method provides no protection from SPAM or viruses which can quickly fill up your mailbox with advertisements for discount mortgages, and male enhancement devices! Even worse are viruses that can take control of your organizations computers or delete critical information.

The MX Guarddog Way

When you register to use MX Guarddog's SPAM & antivirus solution your messages are clean before they even reach your servers.

Rather than messages being delivered directly to your mail server, you request all email to be sent through our MX Guarddog. All your email will be screened for SPAM and virus infected email. When either of these are found the offending messages a placed into a quarantine.

After processing the remaining clean messages are delivered to your existing email servers, and are processed as usual. Your servers will operate under reduced stress by not having to deal with the onslaught of unwanted email and are better equipped to deal with legitimate email and user requests.

Pricing Model

MX Guarddog does not charge a traditional monetary fee - no cash or credit card needed, no invoices, no payments. Our SPAM & antivirus protection service is based on an exchange system. In exchange for a text link on your website we will filter your email - it is just that simple.

Each link you place on a webpage licenses you to filter a number of email addresses, the higher the importance of your webpage, the more email addresses you can filter. If you need additional addresses, you can add another link a different web page. Most users are able to filter all the email addresses for their domain with one or two text links.

If you are ready to get started you can register now, or if you still have questions check out our FAQ.

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