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Is the SPAM & antivirus protection service really free?

Yes! There is no currency payment for using any of our services. Our spam & antivirus protection system is based on an exchange basis.

The exchange is quite simple. If you would like email from your domain to be protected by MX Guarddog, we will supply you with a text link to place on a webpage. Any webpage will do, but the higher the importance of the webpage the more email addresses you can protect by adding the text link. If you need additional email addresses, you can add a second or third text link.

All of our customers have their own domain, it is required to use our service. Virtually everyone who has their own domain has a website, so placing a text link on a webpage is very easy. Adding a text link to the bottom of your webpage, under your sponsored links section, on a product page, or perhaps on a page explaining about the MX Guarddog service. The link can go absolutely anywhere as long as the webpage is available on the Internet!

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