Cryptocurrency Is Now Accepted Here

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Hong Kong - September 15, 2017 aims to protect businesses and Internet service providers from email-borne security threats, including spam and computer viruses. To further this mission, has announced that they will now be accepting payments using cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum from customers worldwide.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer a number of advantages for both consumers and MXGuarddog. With worldwide acceptance there are no currency exchange fees, cross border fees, processing charges or declined transactions.

"We are excited to support Bitcoin and other Altcoins as payment methods at our company. We are the first major email security service provider to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as payment," says Robert Gunther, CEO of

When paying invoices, customers can select their preferred cryptocurrency to make payment. They are then prompted to transfer coins to a unique digital wallet address which links their coin transfer to their invoice payment. Payments are securely completed without exposing any consumer credit information, ensuring full confidence that transactions remain both anonymous and secure.

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