Managing Groups with MX Guarddog

A group is a single email address that splits out to multiple recipients. They can go by different names depending on your email platform, common names include groups, distribution group or distribution list. They all function essentially the same way.

Creating Your Group Address

In order to receive messages from the Internet you must define all email addresses with MX Guarddog. A group address must also be defined with us, it may not have a mailbox on your server but you must still list it as an active email address at your domain.

An exception to this rule is when your group does not accept email via the Internet. An example of this is on MS Exchange, a group may only accept mail from an authenticated user. In that case the email address would not need to be listed with MX Guarddog.

Managing Your Group Members

MX Guarddog sees your group only as an email address, we have no knowledge of your group members. Group membership is managed at your server only. Use your email server software to manage the members of your group. There is no action needed at MX Guarddog when you add or remove members from your group.

Group Quarantine Reports

MX Guarddog sends by default one quarantine report to every email address per day. This would include group email addresses on your server. There are a few way to deal with quarantine reports for your group.

  • By default one quarantine report is sent daily your group address, all recipients of your group would receive the report when your server distributes the incoming message to your group members. Usually this option is not ideal for most groups.
  • You can disable the quarantine report and monitor the quarantine online via our website.
  • Elect to send all quarantined mail for the group address to another user at your domain. Using our 'Send Quarantined Mail To' option you could send all quarantined mail to a single user at your domain. That user would then be able to monitor spam sent to your group address and release/whitelist as necessary without members of your group receiving any quarantine report.