How Do My Users Login to View Their Messages in Quarantine?


I have setup several domains to use your spam protection service, how do I create accounts allowing my users to log in and view their messages in quarantine?


Every email address protected by MX Guarddog has their own personal preferences, whitelists and real-time quarantine available online. To log in the first time a user need only to setup an initial password, no special account needs to be created by the domain admin.

MX Guarddog Users

If your domain is protected by MX Guarddog, users can login via the webpage at On their first visit, users can setup their own password by clicking the need a password? link, then provide the email address protected by MX Guarddog and the system will take them through the process of establishing a password

White Label Users

If you are using our white label feature to brand your email security service, direct your users to your personal vanity URL. Your personal URL allows you to brand the service as your own. First-time users click No account? Register now to go through the process of establishing their own password. You do not need to manually create an account for any users, as long as they have an email address that is using our email security service they can log in to view their personal settings and quarantine.