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How many email addresses can I have in exchange for a text link?

An excellent question, and the answer is "It depends".

As with more traditional SPAM protection systems on the market, the total cost of the service goes up based on the number of email addresses you have. Since we do not exchange our services for a cash payment we place a value on the text link you provide to us.

The value of the link is determined by our proprietary ranking system. The link value is determined by the importance of the specific webpage where you plan to place the text link.

Once you register for our service you will have access to a licensing page where you can enter a website URL, and our systems will evaluate the webpage to determine its value. The higher the importance of the webpage, the more licenses you obtain by placing a link the page.

Most of our clients are able to able to get their email addresses protected with one or two text links.

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Kick Spamassassin's Ass! Thank you for offering such a needed service, I love it!
J. MacPherson

We have now deployed mxguarddog for five of our clients and use it on our own exchange server. Out of the box with no configuration it works brilliantly, the quarantine emails are great for the end user.

This system out performs many commercial spam filters we have sold in the past.

Allan Napier
Engaging IT

We are using MX Guarddog on a few different domains and love it. It has helped tremendously with keeping our time on useful tasks rather than sifting through SPAM.

It seems to just get better and better as well. I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the service.

Carson Green

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